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Streamline school management so you can focus on students, growing your school and advancing the kingdom.

Learning and Student Management for Ministry Schools

Streamline school management so you can focus on students, growing your school and advancing the kingdom.

Get Organized

Reduce Stress

Equip Students

Build the Kingdom

Running your school shouldn't keep you from building the kingdom.

Juggling student information, tracking payments, grading homework—it gets overwhelming fast. Your destiny isn’t burnout!

Manage your school in one platform. Focus on what's most important.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, shared docs and form builders. Run your school with Align and get your focus back on students, growing your school and advancing the kingdom.


Our admissions process will save you time and keep prospective students from getting stuck mid-application.


A trusted attendance system to give you real-time information on who is in class and who took the day off.


Receive application and tuition payments; manage payment plans. Monitor your school’s financial health.


Create classes with multi-part lessons and a variety of online homework assignments that can be graded online.

Just like you, our motivation is kingdom impact.

Ten years of pilot testing have given us insight into the unique needs of ministry schools. We’ve created the Align software to help you and your school thrive. 

Students Graduated

Assignments Completed

Financial Transactions

Features that fit your school.

Our subscription-based software is specifically designed for ministry schools, Bible schools, and other Christian training schools. Whether your school meets in person or online—or a combination of both—Align delivers the tools needed to manage your school—without the stress!


Our step-by-step application process is fully customizable. Ask applicants the right questions, conduct interviews and collect application fees.


Set classes as required or optional, and track attendance for each class. We can also provide hardware setup and installation to automate attendance.


Our powerful class systems allow staff to create online or campus-based classes as well as practicums. Create online lessons, discussions, assignments and meetings.


Create, schedule and assign a variety of homework types—quizzes, discussion questions, file uploads, and peer-review— for students to complete online.


Receive application payments, tuition payments, manage payment plans and accept contributions. View payment histories and the school financial overview.

Student List

The student list provides all of the information you need about your students in one place. Maximize functionality with custom columns, filtering and saved views.


Communicate with your students through announcements. Notify students in one class, in a saved bulk selection or in your entire school.

Email Communication

Email students individually, or by class, by tag, or saved view. Monitor message logs. View all of your messages in one place in the instructor inbox.

User Permissions

Give staff the access they need while maintaining student privacy. Create admin, staff and user accounts—as well as team permissions—to control who sees what.

Student Tags

Organize students using custom tags. Apply to students to improve searches and filtering. Maximize your tags when viewing lists and creating reports.

Yearly Configuration

Create programs with multiple cohorts for each school year. Set the tuition, start dates, end dates and additional configuration options for each year.

Duplicate Programs

Duplicate an entire school program including admissions, tuition, classes, and more. Automatically create new dates based on the new program’s start date.

Getting started is easy.

Schedule a Demo

Tell us about your school, the challenges you face—see Align in action.

Software Setup

We configure the Align software to meet your school’s specific needs.

Run Your School

Run your school in one platform—get aligned, increase your impact.

Stop Surviving. Start Thriving.

We’ve found that most ministry school admins are stressed out and overwhelmed. They’re drowning in data and juggling multiple softwares to run their schools. This leads to confusion, frustration, and burnout.

Like you, we’re passionate about seeing students come alive in their destiny and seeing the Kingdom of God expand. After more than ten years of building student and learning management software, our passion is the same: to partner with schools in our shared mission of building the kingdom by providing the best software platform for ministry school management. When schools use the right software, they are empowered to change the world.

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